The Liberty Community Chorus is a SATB, non-auditioned choral group of 80 singers from across the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Chorus continues to welcome new members who are at least 16 years old and who have minimum or better music reading skills. Because the organization strives to attain the highest possible level of excellence in performance, members are expected to diligently attend rehearsals and model a professional attitude for other singers.

August 19, 2020

How Can I Keep from Singing? We can help answer that question for you…come and join us! I want to share some encouraging news with you regarding the start of the Liberty Community Chorus’s 16th season! With consideration of the best cumulative scientific advice and findings from choruses and studies from around the world, and support from our LCC board, I am excited to announce plans for our Fall season.

Beginning on August 25 through October 4, we will offer a condensed Fall semester. This Fall season will be like none other we have experienced before with COVID-19 protocols and social-distancing guidelines. Our Fall season will be based on a rehearse-mainly-at-home basis and will be aided by rehearsal tracks supplied to you and several Zoom rehearsals, in order to make marks in our music regarding our music, etc. We will have at two in-person rehearsals, Sunday evening, September 20 & if possible, again on Sunday, September 27, outside at Liberty United Methodist Church from 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. in the WEST parking lot. We will keep strict social distancing protocols in place with regard to masks, distance, and a 30-minute rehearsal time period, break for 15 minutes and one more 30-minute rehearsal. We will be singing 5 pieces and performing them on Sunday afternoon, October 4, in a FB Live performance at 4:00 p.m.


As you can see, we will have very little in-person time together. When we get to our October 4 FB Live performance, we will be counting on each singer being well-prepared.
I know and trust that you are up to the challenge and ready to help me continue to present excellent and thrilling music for our community. Having a FB Live performance allows us a much fuller audience base…if we can get them there and connected. We will be relying on your help with this for sure!


Music pick-up and registration will be a little different too. We will offer two evenings for you to pick up your music – Tuesday, August 25, and Thursday, August 27, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Liberty UMC - 1001 Sunset Avenue – Liberty MO 64068. It is important that you enter off of 152 highway, turn onto Dains - up the hill and turn right onto Sunset and into the EAST parking lot. We will form two lines and we will come to your vehicles. Please wear a mask and we will too! Dues for this semester will be $10 and we will continue to offer scholarships if you need this assistance. Music, Singer Info sheet, and payment will be handled at your car.
We welcome new singers, but for safety, numbers for the FB Live performance allow us to only use 60 singers maximum. Please contact me as soon as possible regarding your interest in joining us for the Fall 2020 season.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me:
Bryan Taylor
LCC Artistic Director


Season 16
How Can I Keep from Singing?
Requirements to sing in this concert are:
1.) Singers are symptom-free of the COVID virus, to the best of their knowledge.

2.) Each singer will sign a COVID-19 liability waiver for their membership for the Fall semester. This will need to be completed at the music handout dates.

3.) Temperatures will be taken for each singer at both the rehearsal(s) and performance. A sign-in sheet will be used for the Chorus for any needed health tracking.

4.) Safe social distancing must be kept at all times and masks must be worn when we are not singing. Singing social distance for the LCC will be at least 8 feet – Bryan will mark. Masks may be worn during the performance, per singers’ choice. Singers supply their own masks…black or white preferably.

5.) For both the rehearsal and performance, LCC will supply hand sanitizer in multiple containers, trash receptacles, and paper towel dispensers as needed, and will be placed in an appropriate distance from one another.

6.) Singers will wear LCC outfits for the performance. Any new singers will get as close as they can to our outfits. New singers, photos will be supplied to aid you.

7.) Singers supply chairs for the rehearsals at Liberty UMC. Performance chairs will be supplied by the LCC.

8.) There is a Singers fee of $10 for the Fall season. Scholarships are available. Please pay this at the music handout dates.

9.) Nanette will make rehearsal tracks for each of the songs.

10.) Outdoor Rehearsals = Sunday evening, September 20 & 27 – Liberty UMC @ 5:00 p.m. (30-minute segments – BREAK – 30 minutes – END at 7:15 p.m.

11.) FB Live Performance = Sunday, October 4 – Liberty UMC @ 4:00 p.m.

Concert Repertoire: (5 Pieces)

Deep Peace – Bill Douglas. (new)

How Can I Keep from Singing – Taylor Davis (new)

Requiem – arr. CH Johnson

May It Be – arr. Mark Brymer

I Will Be a Child of Peace – Elaine Hagenberg

Beginning in the 2019-2020 concert season, there will be four concert sessions.  Member dues are $45 for each session.  If a member would choose to pay for all four sessions at the beginning of the concert season, the dues would be $160, or $40 per concert.  Students (age 16-22) are not charged membership dues.  New singers will be asked to purchase concert attire at the rate of $80, but no member dues would be required for their  first session.  Dues should be paid at the first rehearsal of each session. Other performances may be added. If this occurs, singers will be given ample notice of any additional fees for music.  Because the Liberty Community Chorus is a 501(c)(3) organization, dues are considered tax deductible.

Member scholarships are available for those in financial need. To receive a scholarship application form, contact Bryan Taylor, artistic director, or a member of the Chorus Board of Directors. Scholarship applications are reviewed for approval on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors.


At the start of each concert season, singers complete a registration process and pay his/her member dues. The cost of music for each season is included in member dues. At the time of registration, singers receive a singer number and his/her music. When the music is distributed, singers are asked to compare their scores with the detailed repertoire list handed to them. If a singer’s music is incomplete, the Chorus Librarian or the Membership Chair should be notified at the first rehearsal. Some of the music is borrowed from schools and churches so members are asked to mark their scores with a pencil and treat their music gently. Each singer is to return his/her music along with their singer number after each concert performance. The singer is responsible for the cost of replacing any music that is not returned.


Once rehearsals have begun, singers are urged to check their email daily for rehearsal expectations, music notes and other information pertinent to each rehearsal. The chorus also regularly communicates via an app. Communication will come directly from Mr. Taylor.


If Mr. Taylor must cancel a rehearsal because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance, the appropriate form of communication to singers will be through email, text message or through phone contact with singers who do not use email. Inclement weather postings also may be found on the Liberty Community Chorus Facebook page. Members are urged to check these sites frequently.

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The Liberty Community Chorus is a designated 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. 

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