Why I Sing

The Liberty Community Chorus is the officially recognized and sanctioned chorus of the City of Liberty, Missouri. As a 30 year resident with a vocal music education degree, I do feel an obligation to support and participate in the mission of this chorus. However, I have found the fellowship, friendship and mutual support to be very uplifting and encouraging.

But singing with the Liberty Community Chorus is a total joy as I have always loved to sing. Singing is liberating and exhilarating. It is a total body and soul commitment, exhausting in a good way.

Adding the voice and a message to the beauty and emotion of instrumental music is a powerful force of communication. Minds and hearts can be opened and made receptive through hearing vocal/ choral music.

I love to communicate through choral music as it brings a unity of message from the chorus. Through this medium we can praise and offer thanksgiving to God for all His wonderful blessings. We can observe and declare the beauty of the earth. We can share the passion of a love story. And we can share cultures through the singing of ballads and folk music. And singing brings us together as a city and as a nation.

If you have had choral music experience, please come share your musical gifts with the LCC and your community.

Larry Harris

Board Member 2018-2021

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