You Should Come Join Us. Here's Why...

Did You Know That Joining a Choir Can be Good for You? No Kidding.

Below are 7 Reasons Why You Should Join Liberty Community Chorus.

boy singing in microphone

1. Singing in a choir can improve your physical health.

Belonging to a choir can help to reduce blood pressure, improve posture, and tone those abs. No crunches required! Focused breathing and singing also build stronger lungs, and can also help to improve conditions asthma and emphysema.

2. Participating in your local chorus has a positive impact on your mental well-being.

Being a member of a choir can help to establish feelings of belonging and acceptance. Singing also releases endorphins and oxytocin, chemicals that help to combat stress and depression. Concentrating on complex music, multi-tasking, and paying attention to the conductor also enhances brain function.

3. It's a great way to continue to learn new things.

Choirs provide an avenue to learn new things. Join LCC for opportunities to learn new songs, rhythm, scales, difficult sheet music, and even bits and pieces of different languages! It's not uncommon to perform pieces in Spanish, German, Latin, French, Italian, or even Gaelic!

4. Expand your vocal range.

While you may never become the next Freddie Mercury or Mariah Carey, choir offers a great way to practice singing and exercising your voice to expand your vocal range. Literally - you could reach new heights.

5. We Could All Use a Little R&R.

We all relax differently, but there's definitely something therapeutic about singing to your heart's content. It's a fantastic way to get some of your stress out by pouring your energy into something constructive. After a good rehearsal, it's not uncommon to feel strangely at peace with the world.

6. Improve Your Career.

You wouldn't think of your career being an area that could be improved by singing, but you'd be surprised! A local choir is a great resource for networking with others in your area. Choir members are often active in their careers and their community. You may be singing with doctors, lawyers, and people in your field. You never know, you might be singing with your future boss!

7. Make New Friends!

Everyone in the choir has at least ONE thing in common with you - a love of music and singing! They are also right in your neighborhood, making it easy to establish a friendship outside of rehearsals. This is a great way to establish yourself in an area you're new to, or just to expand your circle. Everyone here at Liberty Community Chorus is welcoming and looks forward to having new people join us.

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