Singer Spotlight

Sue MacPherson

1. When did you join the LCC?

I joined LCC in September, 2014.

2. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the river town of Boonville, MO., a small town that was settled by my great, great, great, great grandmother Hannah Cole. She was a widow with 5 children who traveled from Virginia. She settled there and started a ferry back and forth the river to support her family. She started a school and a hospital and named the town for Daniel Boone with whom she had traveled to MO from Kentucky.

3. Tell us about your family – are you married, single, any children?

I am divorced. I have three children, two daughters and one son. I raised my children here in the KC area but moved to St. Louis in 1984. I lived there until 2013 when I moved back here to be close to my daughter who lives here. My oldest daughter lived in St. Louis but she passed away in 2012. I retired the next year and moved back to KC.

4. What is (or was) your professional career?

I am an elementary school teacher. I have taught grades three through seven, but spent 28 years in sixth grade. I taught for 40 years, spending 29 years in one school.

5. Tell us about your choral experiences. What choirs have you sang with? Are you currently singing with other choirs? I have sung in church choirs since I was in elementary school. I sang in school choirs, glee clubs, trios, sextets. And besides LCC, I sing in the choir with Danny Baker at St. James Church.

6. Besides choral music, what other styles of music do you enjoy?

I started playing clarinet in fourth grade. I played in orchestra, marching band, small ensembles, and I played in a small jazz band group that played for school activities including basketball games. When my kids were little, I taught myself to play guitar. I used to accompany my kids and also my school kids.

7. What has been your favorite or most memorable LCC concert or song?

I have loved them all but I particularly enjoyed our “God Bless America” concert in November, 2016. And I was so moved by the opportunity to sing at the Naturalization Ceremony at the library. A very moving song for me was “In Whatever Time We Have.” It speaks to me on so many levels! I really enjoyed our “Songs From the Cinema” concert. And I especially love singing with people playing instruments. Singing in the Community of Christ Temple is a moving experience that I always look forward to. Concerts that memorialize like the ones about the holocaust and tributes to Alzheimers patients are memorable for me.

8. What are your hobbies or interests other than singing?

I love to read and I’m working on learning to play the ukulele. I walk 4 or 5 miles every day. I love being outdoors.

9. What is your favorite food or dessert?

Fried chicken, meat loaf, and my chocolate cake!

10.Do you have any pets? What kind and how many?

I have a small dog named Fritz. I adopted him from the Humane Society and he’s some sort of terrier. He has a tremendous amount of energy and can jump very high!

11.If you could have dinner with your favorite musician, singer, composer from any time period, who would be?

Besides the obvious, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, I think I would choose John Williams because I have been impacted by his music so much in my lifetime. Also, Leonard Bernstein. And of course, I have to throw in Elvis! I love all kinds of music with the possible exception of rap. 😉

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