Singer Spotlight

Anne Jenkins

LCC Member Spotlight

1. When did you join the LCC?

I think it was in 2013?

2. Where did you grow up?

I grew up on a small farm in Freeman, Missouri. I went to school in Harrisonville, MO.

3. Tell us about your family – are you married, single, any children?

I am married. My husband, Duncan, and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary this May! We both attended William Jewell College and Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, but we didn’t meet each other until our junior year when we separately signed up to study oversees at Harlaxton College in England. That’s where we met and started dating! We don’t have any children, but we do have 16 nephew and nieces.

4. What is (or was) your professional career?

I graduated with accounting degree from William Jewell College and later passed the exam to earn my CPA designation and license. I didn’t spend much time in public accounting (taxes are not my thing). I am CFO and Vice-President of a Real Estate Developer/Property Management company in downtown Kansas City. We manage about 1,000 loft apartments and condos in Historic buildings.

5. Tell us about your choral experiences. What choirs have you sang with? Are you currently singing with other choirs?

I grew up singing in school and church choirs. I made my solo debut at the age of five for the big family Christmas reunion. I was in both concert choir and show choir in High School (jazz hands!) and sang in choir at William Jewell with Dr. Brown.

6. Do you play any instruments?

I play the piano and a little bit on the guitar. In high school I played the baritone sax in Concert Band and the tenor sax in jazz band.

7. Besides choral music, what other styles of music do you enjoy?

I really appreciate the variety and diversity of music and enjoy just about all styles of music. I can usually find something to like (and dislike) about every genre! I like to dance, so I always enjoy a song that has a good beat and groove to it.

8. What has been your favorite or most memorable LCC concert or song?

There are so many good moments—it’s difficult to choose. I love the Amazing Grace with bagpipes. Sure on This Shining Night – I love the way text and the melody intertwine and the visual images it conveys.

9. What are your hobbies or interests other than singing?

Almost anything crafty or artsy—I knit, crochet, paint, embroider, cross-stitch, quilt, weave (I have a small floor loom). I also enjoy gardening and I’m currently very interested in growing orchids.

Duncan and I both enjoy travelling. I’ve been to 39 states and 39 countries! Unfortunately, this past year was not a good one for adding to my list.

10.What is your favorite food or dessert?

Without a doubt it’s chocolate!

11.Do you have any pets? What kind and how many?

We have three cats: Harry, Hermione and Tux. Little Tux just came to us this past year—she is our COVID kitty. She showed up on our deck last May and none of the shelters would accept her due to the pandemic, but she was so sweet we decided to keep her for ourselves.

12.If you could have dinner with your favorite musician, singer, composer from any time period, who would be?

Oh, this is really too difficult to choose. I think I’d like to spend some time with John Williams. His musical scores are just amazing and have been such a prominent backdrop to many of my cultural experiences.

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